Choosing the right digital marketing services company

During the last 5 years that I have worked in the field of digital marketing services, I have seen a number of companies open and shut shop. It is almost impossible to determine what it is that makes for a successful digital marketing firm. However, if you are in the market looking for a company to do your digital marketing for you, I have two tips for you that will help you choose the right one.

Identifying a good digital marketing agency

1. Remember that digital marketing is not just SEO – This is a trap that many people fall into. Granted that SEO is one of the most important factors in any integrated digital marketing campaign, but it is, by no means, the only one. Look for a company that understands this and designs the campaign for you with a number of tools, rather than just with SEO. Pay per click advertising, Facebook ads, etc. are just some of the tools that can be used.
2. Get reports on everything – The best part about a digital marketing plan is that every parameter is measurable. This means that your company should know exactly what is happening where. You can track this too with reports – traffic report, ranking report, and anything else you can think of. I have seen many business owners not caring about these reports, but they give you a good idea of how your money is being spent and you should peruse them.

What next

An agency that can provide quality digital marketing company is priceless in these competitive times. Try to look for a company that can provide you the complete package so that you do not have to coordinate with different ones for different services. The internet is the new battleground for businesses and if you are able to get an edge on it, you are assured of having an advantage in the war.

Digital marketing services – much more than just SEO

Digital marketing services are a new beast, and it is not surprising that many people are not quite sure what they entail. I talk to a number of practitioners of digital marketing and people looking to avail of these services every week and the one thing I find most common is that most people still talk about digital marketing only in terms of SEO. Because it has been around for a long time, SEO has become the default for people talking about digital marketing. However, the field is much wider than that and SEO is just one part of it. Let us see what else is covered under the term ‘digital marketing services’.

Components of digital marketing

1. Search Engine Optimization – Of course, SEO is one of the most important part of digital marketing and any marketer involved in this medium should have extensive knowledge of the same. Even though many things about the internet has changed, SEO still remains one of the simplest and most cost effective ways to promote yourself and make yourself visible. With changes in algorithms, the techniques might change, but SEO lives on.
2. Social media marketing – This is the exciting new part of digital marketing that everyone is talking about. Companies have realized that people are spending more and more time on social media sites and their buying decisions are influenced by their peers and friends. This means that a positive presence on popular social networking sites brings you the type of advertising that no paid ads can get.
3. Pay per click advertising – This system has been around for decades and Google initially survived and grew on revenues received through their pay per click program. Here you pay depending on the number of clicks your links get. It is a cost effective way to advertise on the internet.
4. Visual content – Pictures and videos are becoming more and more important by the day. Research suggests that visual content is much more engaging that text and people are much more likely to watch a video that read an ad copy. This has made sites such as YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram wildly popular.

What can a marketer do?

The most important things that needs to be done is to show the clients how digital marketing services are superior to traditional SEO firm and why they should go for it. I feel that most people have not been communicated this fact clearly and that is one of the major reasons for this confusion. If businesses realize how digital marketing can help them, there is no reason why they will not go for it.

The what and how of digital marketing services

Digital marketing services has become the buzzword recently and even though I have worked in this field for over three years, I do not remember this much excitement around it anytime before. It may be a sign of business owners finally realizing the power held by the internet and how important it has become in our everyday life. The best way to tap this power and use it to your advantage is by using the right digital marketing services. In this article, I would share my experiences about the what, how and why of this new medium of promotion.

What are digital marketing services?

Put very simply, digital marketing is nothing more that marketing your products and services using a digital medium. However, this definition does not do justice to this exciting field. If you care to delve deeper into it, digital marketing consists of a number of components that include SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, blogging, web design and development, web content development and much more. What all this means is that digital marketing services encompass the entirety of the internet and can influence the way your business is perceived, talk about, presented, and accepted there. As more and more people are moving to the internet to search for anything and everything they need, it becomes imperative for you to have a presence there and make sure that people are able to find you. Digital marketing services, including SEO will help you achieve just that.

How does it help you?

The internet has taken over each and every aspect of our lives and has become an essential platform for business to be present on. Whether you own a multimillion dollar company with offices on each continent, or a small grocery shop in your neighbourhood, you need to be online. Let us see how digital marketing services help you in this.

1. If used correctly, you can engage personally with the customers online. Even if you are in the type of business where you do not get to have much personal interaction with people who use your products or services, social media can be a great tool to do so.
2. Digital marketing services are much most cost effective than any other form of traditional marketing including television and print. This is because of two reasons – the overall cost is low and the message is targeted based on your customer persona so that only the people who are likely to be interested in your product get it.
3. You reach a much wider audience that you could have before. The proper use of SEO will make sure that your website is visible to customers all over your targeted area. This means you know that your target audience is getting the message, irrespective of geographical or any other boundaries. It is also a great way for a small or medium business to start thinking big.
4. Digital marketing metrics are trackable and this is probably the main reason why they are so popular. In traditional marketing efforts, it was very difficult to measure the impact it had on your baseline and profits. With an online campaign, you know exactly how many people, in what age group saw your ad; how many of them clicked on it; and how many ultimately availed of your services. This means you have everything you need to check if your campaign is giving the type of results you were expecting. This helps companies plan better and make their campaign more incisive and accurate.

If you are a small or medium business owner, digital marketing company is just the thing for you. Trust me; it is the best way to make people aware about your company without spending a fortune on advertising.

Why do I need digital marketing services?

It is not difficult to understand why business owners are apprehensive about digital marketing services. I have met a lot of them and most of them see this as another place where they are expected to burn money without any guarantee of positive results. The reason for this apprehension is twofold –

1. Traditional media metrics are not clear – Due to the amorphous nature of traditional advertising, business owners never know how much effect their advertising dollars are having on their profits. This has made them cautious about advertising in general.
2. The internet is new – Most business owners are not intimately familiar with the internet and are thus not very sure about spending money on it.
3. You reach a much wider audience that you could have before. The proper use of SEO will make sure that your website is visible to customers all over your targeted area. This means you know that your target audience is getting the message, irrespective of geographical or any other boundaries. It is also a great way for a small or medium business to start thinking big.

How digital marketing services help

Of course, digital marketing takes care of the first doubt completely as everything on the internet is measurable. Every dollar that you spend will be tracked and you know exactly who is looking at your ads and when.

I have had more problems with the second issue as that is something inherent and cannot be overcome easily. For this, one needs to spend some time and make the client aware about the good of the internet. No business owner would like to lose out to a competitor, and if you are able to convince them that using the internet will provide the ultimate edge to their business, you can be sure of the client’s business.